The National Black Supplier Conference

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022 | 8:00 am – 3:00 pm EST

The National Black Supplier Conference

For more than 34 years, the National Business League has been serving the national black supplier and diversity community for all of that time. In 1986, The National Association of Black Suppliers (NABS), formerly known as the National Association of Black Suppliers (NABAS), was formed. NABAS was formed by a group of Black business owners, whose largest customers were automotive manufacturers listed in Black Enterprise Magazine’s [BE] Top 100. In 2012, the National Association of Black Suppliers merged with the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, who in 2017, merged with the National Business League to accommodate the organization’s expanded national mission and purpose to include suppliers in other industries and service sectors globally. The NBL’s Black supplier pipeline now encompasses 1,200 members in 50 states, introduces an annual revenue of $6 billion into the national economy, and employs more than 30,000 workers. This year’s 2020 event is the inaugural virtual experience of the association with the 34th Annual National Black Supplier Conference, featuring more than 1,000 Black suppliers, 100 Fortune 500 corporate partners, and Tier 1-4 opportunities.


Serve as a Black business development pipeline for B2B2C, utilizing B2B training eco-systems, to measure equitable growth opportunities within the supply chain.


To Increase capacity, scale and revenue further creating economic parity for Black Business Enterprises across all industries and sectors in the global marketplace.


Introduce B2D eco system to the black supplier community and the corporate procurement community.


The Revolution Won’t Be Televised; It Shall Be Digitized.



Facilitate new business capabilities in companies through B2D eco training systems focused on operational excellence, maximized capacity, scalability, and financial stability.


Support growth opportunities by identifying areas for suppliers to add capabilities, expand product offerings and find strategic partners.


Providing platforms for black suppliers to meet potential customers through networking, match maker platforms and educational programs.


Speak on behalf of black suppliers to corporations, communities, and government agencies. Set up scorecards to establish accountability within the procurement organizations/process. Be the voice in the room.


Virtualside Chat

The NBSC Virtualside Chat is an informal yet structured online interview between a moderator and a guest. It is a unique opportunity to uncover the speaker’s personal stories and ideas. This year’s virtualside chat is a conversation with Billionaire Jeff Hoffman, who will be interviewed by National Business League President/CEO Dr. Kenneth L. Harris.

Power Panels

The NBSC Power Panels is a live virtual discussion on a specific topic, amongst a selected group of panelists who express diverse perspectives before a large online audience within the NBL and global supply chain network.

Conference Keynote Speaker

Hear from one of the world’s top voices, as the NBSC keynote speaker sets the tone for the upcoming year, providing significant experience, personal insight, tips and their own future revelations for the growing field of supplier diversity, or as a Black supplier making a tremendous impact throughout the country and globally.

Virtual Matchmaker

The NSBC Virtual Matchmaker connects the global purchasing and supply chain community with potential Black suppliers to generate new business opportunities and provide access to decision makers looking to create a diverse business environment that inspires innovation and creativity within the marketplace.

The Revolution Won’t Be Televised;
It Shall Be Digitized


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